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Mr. Veerababu Rayavarapu, a man suffered with his polio leg and has badly curved due to polio. He is usually walking with the support of his leg with a hand. He is born and brought up in a remote village in a farmer’s family. He often suffered with poverty, stigma and discrimination being a physically challenged in the family and community. He struggled for right to have good education and livelihood option. He has a dream to working for the rights and well being of physically and mentally challenged persons in the society. The dream has come true with the support of his wife Mrs. Satyaveni. She is a very kindhearted and service-oriented women. 

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Santhivardhana Ministries has been supporting the Needy, Poor, Orphans and Disabled Children with Residential Care, Full Education Support, 3 Times Food Support, General Medical expenses for a month, Bags & Books to many poor and needy Children.

What We Do?

What We Do?

A great Nobel Laureate of Asia who is Indian in his famous book "Geethanjali" said where the mind is without fear and head is held high, where knowledge is free and where the world is fragmented with narrow domestic walls. Where the clear stream of water is not last its way. Where the words come out from the depth of truth…… to that heaven of freedom, Oh, Father let my country awake.

We would like to give another side of real story. I can see but there is one to donate their eye, I can speak but no scissor is ready to treat my throat. I would like to walk and jump with a small aid, but I am forced to be a man-made monkey for the laughter of others. I do not know whom to be blamed, shall I curse God, shall I curse my parents, relatives or shall I curse the cruel gentlemen of my society.

My prayer is give me an opportunity to live like others. Give me strength to lead independent life. For such far away cry, our Organization will come forward to help. Our School Specializes in providing services for children with different and multi disabilities and life limiting conditions.

Our approach is based on a holistic approach to rehabilitation known as Conductive Education which aims to teach children life enhancing techniques, through education, recreation and sports, so that they can live more independent lives within the community.


Santhivardhana Ministries has been supporting the Needy, Poor, Orphans and Disabled Children with Residential Care

Healthy Food

Santhivardhana Ministries is providing Three Times Food Support - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner to Children


Santhivardhana Ministries has been supporting the Needy, Poor, Orphans and Disabled with General Medical expenses.


Santhivardhana Ministries is providing Full Education Support from K.G to P.G to Needy, Poor, Orphans and Disabled Children and Bags & Books to many poor and needy Children



A world where people with physical and mental challenges live fully integrated lives economically and socially.



  • Promotion and protection of human rights and dignity to live in equality, justice and freedom for most vulnerable (orphan, disabled, old age people, children & women) in the community through the implementations of social and economic enhancement without the discrimination of caste, religion, creed and colour.

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Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.

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